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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Movers and Shakers

I haven't posted on here in ages. I think it's cause I do most of my posting on MySpace. But then I had that conversation about my television the other day. And it got me thinking of a certain blogger who used to comment on my blog quite frequently.

This weekend I managed to put together a 2 Drawer Organizer all by myself.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


I just went to do laundry which requires getting in my car and driving to the laundry building and carrying my basket in only to discover that all the machines are being used. Is there supposed to be standing water at the bottom of my dishwater? I think not. One of my front burners on the stove doesn't work. I don't have a couch. I hate it here.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's the Movie

I absolutely LOVE the movie "She's the Man". I don't think love is even a strong enough word for the feelings I have for this movie. I adore it with every fiber in my being. It's like gold in the form of a DVD. And that Channing Tatum is a like the perfect male specimen. So chiseled and rugged and...ravishlingly handsome. I still don't have cable at my new place so I've been watching DVDs and I think I've watched "She's the Man" about 20 times now. And it's just as fabulous as the first time. My heart is bursting with adoration and I want to shout my adulation for this cinematic masterpiece from the highest mountain.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boob Tube

Terre Haute gets 2 TV channels. 2 and 10. That's what Terre Hautens will tell you when you ask what channels they get. How does that help? NBC and CBS is what they should say. But anyhoo, I haven't signed myself up for cable yet (partly due to laziness and partly to budget concerns) so I get these wonderful 2 channels with my antenna. This morning my choices were some show about Indiana businesses and financial success or Veggie Tales. So I decide to put in one of the DVDs I bought at Walmart just for such an occurrance. As I'm putting in the DVD I've got the Veggie Tales on and a story starts and the characters have French accents. So then I have to watch cause it has to with French. The story was about this lady who is blue (both literally and metaphorically) cause her neighbors have more and nicer stuff than she. And then a StuffMart is built right down the road and associates from the store come to her house and tell her that if she goes to StuffMart and buys lots of their stuff she'll be happy. She has two friends/butlers who are over and advise against her going but she decides to go anyways. So they get on the elevator/pully thingy to head out (she lives in a tree house so you have to go on the thing to get in and out) and it goes to commercial! I was sitting there like, "What?! Commercial! Noooooooo!!! I have to know if happiness lies at the StuffMart! How could they do this to me?!" So, to wrap this up, she goes to StuffMart and gets oodles and oodles of stuff but it doesn't make her happy and she sees children whose parents can't get them what they really want cause it's too much money but they're still happy. So she tells the associates she wants a Happy Heart but they don't carry that. I was quite disappointed at this point. This show is full of trickery and tomfoolery. They reel you in with those French accents and then end up trying to teach you some moral lesson. Blech. The ending was somewhat funny cause her treehouse ended up falling and smashing cause it was stuffed to the gills with all her new stuff. So I think I'll call about that cable first thing on Monday.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Casting Couch

There's this awesome looking ox blood sofa I found online that I really want to buy for my apartment but it's totally impractical. It looks more like a couch you would find in a law firm and not a teacher's apartment.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Witty Title about Moving

I hate moving. It's the packing part that I just really can't stand. And since I don't like it, I procrastinate and leave it till the last minute. Ask anyone who's helped me move and I'm sure they'll verify that I'm never completely packed when the truck pulls up. But I especially hate packing in 90 degree weather and crazy humidity in a house with no AC. This sucks.

Happy News: I got a new car!

The transmission on the Silver Bullet went kaput and was going to cost oodles and oodles of dollars to fix so Joeboo and I decided that it was more economical and practical to simply get me a new car. I now have a 2005 Malibu Maxx and I really like it. So, I got a new car yesterday, tomorrow I'm moving to a new city and next week I'm starting a new job. It's like I'm starting this whole new life. It's a bit overwhelming.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Goodbye Detroit, Hello Terre Haute

Well my loyal fans, if you haven't managed to talk to me personally in the last few weeks then this post will probably be overwhelming. I accepted the French/German teaching position in Terre Haute. I have orientation on the 10th which is this Friday. School starts on August 15th which is next Wednesday. My mother and I drove down this past weekend and managed to find me an apartment. It's very nice and the bedroom will fit my bedroom set which was my mother's main concern. Everyplace we went she'd be like, "I don't know if your bedroom set will fit. Hmmmmm, what are the dimensions?" She was like a broken record. I'm packing up my car and leaving on Thursday, very early in the morning. My family is packing up their cars with my "humungous" bedroom set and other assundries and driving down Saturday, also leaving early in the morning. They're then turning around and driving back on Sunday. Now how can Sil say I have a crappy family when they're willing to do that for me? I will be back on Labor Day weekend and I'll probably have a going away party even though I'll already technically be gone. I'm currently scared, nervous, stressed, excited, and overwhelmed. Oh, and I have a sinus headache.